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By thoroughly understanding the modern fly fisherman's needs and paying close attention to detail, the designers have created a fishery that:
     - has no un-fishable water,
     - has plenty of back-casting room,
     - presents the angler with a top quality bank fishing experience with fighting rainbow, blue and brown trout!

Naturally the trout's needs have been taken into consideration and a variety of bank profiles and depths are incorporated into the finished lakes. With between 12 and 15 feet of cool spring fed water the trout are able to maintain their superb condition through the seasons.

Although fairly 'new', the lakes host a wealth of aquatic insect life providing quality natural food for the trout and as the natural flora continue to develop the 'stalking angler' will be able to practise his art.

Oak Tree lake has three acres of water. Acorn has one acre but enjoys a similar profile with shelved sides and clear backcasting space.

Both lakes have been stocked with quality rainbow and blue trout with a minimum weight of about 2 lb and a selection of beautiful brownies.

Oak Tree Lake
 Oak Tree`s main pontoon designed for wheelchair access A final rush from one of the Broad Oak fighting rainbows

Acorn Lake

Dawn shadows over Acorn
 Another fighting rainbow comes to the net on Acorn
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