Broad Oak Trout Lakes
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1 Anglers to book in on arrival
2 Permits are not transferable and cannot be changed or extended once fishing has commenced
3 No rod sharing allowed
4 Stop fishing on reaching bag limit
5 Anglers must observe the allocated time limit
6 Single fly only
7 Barbless hooks only - maximum size 10
8 Boobies and egg flies not permitted
9 Bite indicators / floats not allowed
10 Dispatch landed fish immediately
11 High welfare standards are maintained at this fishery, anyone seen mishandling fish will be asked to stop fishing
12 Do not handle or bank 'Catch & Release' fish unless absolutely necessary; keep them in the water
13 All Brown Trout to be released
14 Respect other anglers, do not fish close to or over other anglers' water
15 Mobile phones are strictly forbidden on the lakeside, except in real emergency
16 If you feel it necessary to carry large bags around the lakes, the  management reserve the right to inspect them on return from the water
17 Only anglers are allowed on the lakes
18 No dogs allowed in the water or around the lakes
19 No picnicking permitted
20 Children under 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult
21 Anglers must complete the 'returns book' for all catches, released or otherwise
22 All anglers over the age of 12 years must hold a valid EA Rod Licence
23 Management reserves the right to cancel any permit at anytime
24 Management reserves the right to change or amend the rules at anytime without prior notice