May Newsletter

Exciting News!

The swans hatched out 6 cygnets on Tuesday this week!  This is at least a week ahead of last year plus one more baby.  They also seem to have allowed a second female swan to stay and she is joining in sometimes as additional baby-sitter.  Unusual, but it’s happening!

Proud but protective parents!

If you see them all out of the water, give them a wide berth, the parents are protective, but not inclined to charge or anything.  They swim round the margins with the babies, so just let them pass if they crowd your fishing space, they know they are in charge of the water!!

Tippet/Leader – cut up all old tippet – any lengths longer than a few inches is LETHAL to wildlife.  Aunty swan had some wrapped round her for a few hours but managed to get it off.  PLEASE BE VIGILANT.

The Fishery Office is working OK.  There are still a few visitors trying to get into the new self catering lodges or into the gardens.  Not so bad at the moment but first guests due in 3 weeks so it won’t be good then!

The Office is through the door also used for the loo/shower and sign-posted ‘Fishery Office’.  If the office is un-manned a notice will tell you where we are. There is also a bell which will ring in the house. The booking out sheet will be in the office until the Fishermans Hut is ready.   All anglers and visitors must book in before heading out to the lakes. 

There are still no refreshment facilities during the works.  Bring a flask and sandwich.  Thank you for your forbearance.

Fly of the month – April  Damsels were the fly of the month by a mile for April.  Mainly black or green – imitating the thousands of tadpoles swimming round the margins at the moment, although there were a few pink ones in there too!  I think these are more commonly known as Dancers, I’ve certainly not seen pink damsel fly nymphs in the water!!  Montanas and Pheasant Tailed Nymphs were also good flies, and buzzers made a good showing.  Several fish also caught on dries, and with the hawthorn blossoming I would expect hawthorn flies and Bristol hoppers to be good prospects for May.  May fly nymphs should also be on the cards for this month, especially after the warm spring start.

Biggest Catches

Apologies to Gordon Walters for my missing his biggest rainbow from March – Gordon took a

3lb 12oz beauty out in March.  Well done!

Catches have been good again in April.  Top accolade goes to ‘Richard’ who had a lesson and caught a 5lb rainbow.  A first fish too, presumably.  Well done, it doesn’t get much better than that!!

Next is Huw Jones with a 4lb-er hooked on a pheasant tailed nymph, and after that 3lb 8oz for Tim Stenson using a damsel on a rainy day.

Weather Forecast(taken from Met Office website)

We had a few proper April showers last month, but overall we had some cracking fishing weather, not too warm and overcast with sunny spells just keeping the hatches going.  What does May have to offer?

Things have started on a cooler note, however this keeps the water nice and fresh and fishing really well.  The official terminology is ‘unsettled’ and that means that we will fluctuate between bright sunshine and showers throughout the day – this covers the first half of May and on a bit.  We know that a shower after a bright spell often brings on the catches so be ready!  Later in May warmer more settled weather is forecast, with few showers and more sustained periods of sunshine. 


Holiday Lodges Open evening: Wednesay 22nd May 4pm-7pm if you want to come and have a nosey before we welcome guests.

Members event: TBC

If you have anything you would like to share, do let us know and we can include it in Fish Tales.

See you soon. Tight Lines

Chris and Charlotte

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