July Newsletter

No, you didn’t miss June’s report.  I did.  June passed in a blur. Sorry.

Good to go!

The Lodges – Forest Lodge – 2 bedroomed sleeps 4 and Fern Lodge – 1 bedroom sleeps 2 – are good to go, and in fact are going, very well for our first few weeks.  Thank you to those who came to the open afternoon/ evening.  We have had excellent reviews so far. Let’s hope they continue.


We had 6 cygnets until this week, but sadly the fox has taken two over the last few nights. The swans and aunty swan all left them at 7 weeks old, three weeks ago.  They are supposed (according to the internet) stay with the young until they are about 4 – 5 months or even to fledging, which is about 6-7 months.  This is the second year running the pair abandoned their babies.  

Good news is that we seem to have 2 broods of moor-hens which are growing well.

There are LOADS of black-tailed skimmer dragonflies and common blue damselflies around.  I have seen lots of egg-laying into the water.  So now we know why Damsel nymphs do so well here!

Do you know your damsels from your dragons?  Dragonflies wings are fixed out and Damselflies can fold them back when at rest.

Fishermans Lodge

It is inching closer!  The concrete base is down.  I have fingers crossed for by the end of the month.

Fly of the month – May and June 

Damsels nymphs again, were the fly of the month for both May and June, with a good sprinkling of buzzers, montanas and a few hare’s ears. 

Obviously this hot weather has pushed the fish right down and so it is sink tips and sinking lines that have had more success than  floating lines.

Biggest Catches

Fishing has been hard through the hot bright weather, and also fishermen have been scarce, hopefully due to the weather rather than anything we might be doing wrong for you.  However, there have still been fish caught and these are the ones to note!

May: Top spot goes to Andy Cullen with a 4¼lb caught on a damsel in Acorn, 007 next with 4lb in Oak on a PTN, and Gordon Walters and Nigel Donohoe draw for 3rd with 3.5lbs rainbows.

June: Biggest catch – ‘Rob’ (14/6/19) 4.5lb – no fly listed but it was raining! Next was D Hill with a 4lb-er from Acorn Lake, again no fly listed, Rob Recardo caught a 3.5lb rainbow on something yellow in the sun.  Well done to you all.

Someone apparently caught a ‘yellow fish’ – which we think was the Goldie – but they hadn’t put their £1 in the pot and didn’t tell us anyway.

Weather Forecast (taken from Met Office website)

The July forecast is quite interesting!  This week has been hot, but cooling over this weekend (6-7) with a chance of rain and then during the week, becoming warmer again.  Next weekend, cooler again with rain showers and a fresher feel, warming during the week again and then cooling once again.  There is an unsettled patter with a good chance of showers to keep the lakes fresh.  Pretty good fishing weather for the time of year!

Events:  Members event: TBC Any ideas?

If you have anything you would like to share, do let us know and we can include it in Fish Tales.

See you soon. Tight Lines

Chris and Charlotte