Newsletter – Jan 2020


We are offering membership again this year at a cost of £40 which gives a discount on ticket prices. 

Tea and coffee is free to anglers, making your own in the Fishermans Hut, so we can’t offer that as a perk! 

If there is demand we are happy to have a members only function or competition, but we need you to come to us with ideas, as too many of our own have not been popular.


We are able to cater for small groups still.  If you and a group of friends/ relations fancy a get together Charlotte can provide portable food served in the Fishermans Hut or outside if the weather suits.  We can hire out tackle, but you would have to do your own coaching.


Even though the ground is squelchy under foot, the site is still looking good for the time of year.  The moles and voles are working hard to aerate their burrows, so watch out for uneven ground as you walk around, and although we scrub the platforms, they are still slippery when wet.


During the week, Charlotte is often working at home in the Fishery Office, so you are able to book in here.  If the office is not open, ring the doorbell at the house or check if Chris is in the barn.  If the fishery is open, then one of us is around somewhere.


In spite of low fisherman numbers there are a good number of fish coming out averaging around 2lb with a sprinkling of 3lbs.  The weather has meant the lakes are full of fresh water, not too cold.  We are seeing quite a few hatches of small flies coming out of the margins so there is natural feed about.


The favourite trout tempter is the trusty damsel nymph, black, green or white.  The montana has caught a good few, as well.  And well done to John Clapp for catching on a buzzer.  The hatches we’ve seen lately do indicate that buzzers should be on the menu.


Taken from the Met Office website and interpreted by Charlotte!

The end of Jan and first part of Feb promise to be mixed. This is better than just rain!  We will have wind and showers, interspersed with some cooler dry spells.  Later in February things will settle to dryer spells in the South and more unsettled (rain) in the North – being in the middle we could cop for either but I think it will be settled and dry.  This pattern is spreading north so if I’m wrong it won’t be for long.


Some of you may remember Gordon Walters, from Colwall, who fished here, often on a Friday.  Sadly he died before Christmas.  He will be much missed.

CLOSED  MON 27TH – FRI 31ST JAN 2020. 


See you soon. Tight Lines

Chris and Charlotte