Fish Tales

Bleedn’ Obvious

During the current crisis we all know that things are moving really quickly.  If guidance changes after 26th March 2020 then that offered here is not up to date.

As I type you are still permitted to come fishing as your one exercise outing of the day.  And we know that fly fishing has always been and still remains a self distancing sport.

We are open.  I do not want to encourage those who really ought to be in isolation to put themselves at risk, but where you deem it safe to do so, come along and get some air.

We would prefer to know what day you plan to come in case we need to limit numbers – we will set a limit of 10 individuals so that there is plenty of space everywhere including the car park.

Payment by card or cash as usual, but cash goes into a tub of soapy water for laundering!  Correct money in an envelope preferred so a reminder of prices is below.


2 fish / 4 hour – £25 (£22 members)

3 fish / 6 hour – £30 (£27.50 members)

4 fish / 8 hour – £35 (£33 members)

No rod hire.

If you come – come ALONE unless you are travelling with a person in your household, and then only 1. No family groups.

If you plan on ‘meeting up’ with someone here – it can only be ONE person and you must travel  separately. 

Social distancing and gathering rules apply here as everywhere. 

Anyone flouting these rules must leave the site immediately.  The rules are for our own safety.

Some people think they are draconian, but I’d rather be standing on the other side of this pandemic wondering why we took such stringent measures than wishing we’d done so sooner, or not being there at all to wonder.


Book in at the house, if we are not in the yard.

Ring the bell, step back and wait.  If we are elsewhere we will leave a note.  We should be expecting you anyway as you will have called. 


There have been good bags caught recently.  The little lake (Acorn) has been doing well.  Both have but often Acorn is ignored!  I haven’t studied the return sheets this time.  I felt I needed to iron them first!


There is lots of fly-life about now, so although damsels and cats whiskers top the list, we are getting a flurry of traditionals.

As it has been a mild winter we may get early may-flies.  Try Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear for starters.


Taken from the Met Office website and interpreted by Charlotte!

It will be dry and sunny for a few days, becoming cloudy but still dry thereafter.  April is set to be dry but a bit breezy.  The only showers mentioned were in the East, so we’re OK.

 It will be cooler so bring a layer with you and a flask of tea.

Sorry to be so strict.  We just want to be able to welcome you all when it’s over, not just some of you.

See you soon. Tight Lines

Chris and Charlotte